Saturday, May 5, 2012

Japanese Paintings Set

So I finally did it, those are the three Japanese paintings I had done for the Sims 1!
I made them for the Art Gallery, so you can chose to have them at home, but keep in mind that they are quite big. It still looks really nice though, at least it is my opinion. Custom mesh made by myself for each paintings.

Download the complete set at Mediafire.

If you want to download or see them separately, see below:

 Japanese Painting 1 - Japanese Sea

Japanese Painting 2 - Japanese Waterfall

Japanese painting 3 - Japanese Birds


  1. Thanks Kilhy B! These are absolutely beautiful! Love, LOVE them!

    ~Silent-Tats <3

    1. You are quite welcome Tats, and I am glad you love them that much <3

  2. These are very pretty, thank you...


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