Monday, October 15, 2012

Nude 'clothing'

 I know it has been done before, I saw it once for download on another blogspot, but when I followed the link it sent me on a forum where I had to register which I find really frustrating.
So until now I have been using Cmar outfit changing script to get my sims naked if I needed it.

But if you edit in CAS a sim that was created by the game (either a townie or children born in the family), the naked state use their original haircut, which is bad enough when they take a shower/bath. Also some creators keep checking all possible things I guess, making their clothes for every categories, including naked. One of my sim got stuck with lingerie when she is naked...

Going through clothes in TSR Workshop I realized that all the nude parts are here, just not enabled for everyday use. Men can have a nude top for athletic, swimwear and sleepwear, and everyone can go barefeet for swimwear and sleepwear.

I made it with three different parts: top, bottom and shoes in the everyday category.
This way you can either have your sim totally nude, or parts only. Why can't our sim go barefeet in their house if they want to? You can also use accessories along with it, such as gloves/socks, jewelry, tattoo made as clothing, ...

I tried to make it available for maternity, but it did not work, probably because there was no texture in this file, I will try to see how to make it work another time as I do not really have the use for it now.

I thought I might as well share it, so enjoy!

File has been removed from Mediafire so it is only available on  4Shared

Tools used:
TSR Workshop

Poses: IMHO, Buhudain, Haruko Mitsu & KaTIOwKa
Hair: Peggy, Newsea & XMsims (not sure)
Clothing: Praline Sim & ?
Decor: EA house, Severinka & Gosik

If I find the missing credits I will update this list, but my credit page should be more or less up to date.


  1. cool i am so good these tomorrow

    1. Have fun with them! It should be useful with your poses~

  2. Replies
    1. You are quite welcome my friend ^_^

    2. does this work for teens? i'm making a sims 3 series and part of the story is where my main character gets caught in a rather risky position >_<

  3. Thanks!!! I've already downloaded some nude clothes from other place (but I'll give these a try)...but I'm looking now for new ones compatible with seasons the sims can use nude bottoms in winter...(I hope these will be the ones)

    1. You are welcome ^_^
      Do you mean you want them with nude bottoms as outwear to be outside...? brrr!
      It is possible to do and I could make those if you need it, I just feel very cold for those poor sims.

    2. hehehe...Well..They'll still have their etc...and some leggins..or other accesories to wear outside....
      psd: thank You Very much for take the time for answering.

    3. I see, it doesn't sound as 'sadistic' that way ;)
      Sure, let me just finish my post with my new pose pack and I will look at it later today, it shouldn't take me long to do it. I will let you know in another comment when it will be done and uploaded.
      Cheers, and no problem!

    4. Here you go, it's ready!

  4. Thank You So Much...I was waiting for this!!!!

  5. Can you make nude clothes for all categories?

  6. how do you download from 4share? I feel really stupid xD

  7. I downloaded this, it opened my Sims 3 launcher, and then nothing else happened. The item didn't even appear in the downloads section? :/ My email is if you want to respond to my comment.

  8. i downloaded it and extracted it. i have both versions extracted package and sims 3 pack. but it didn't work in game. it downloaded and extracted but when i went in game nothing showed up! :((

  9. You're a lifesaver! I'm trying to do a Madison mermaid from Splash, but bikini tops ruin it

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Is these safe to download? :i Sorry, but I'm just scared, that my game will be messed up or something xD

  12. Off Subject: in your pic you have the bed cover draping to the floor, Is that original (for Sims 3 )or photoshop'd ? m asking because i have beelooking for covers (comforters) that go to the floor.

  13. I'm wondering if this was ever made for other sections as well? I mean, it would be nice to have them for sleepwear or swimwear. I hate having to go skinny dipping to swim naked, only to have them get dressed as soon as they leave the water, and as I sleep naked, I wanted my "self sim" to do the same. That would rock! :)

  14. I dowloaded it and extracted it and started the game but i dont see anything? am i doing something wrong?

  15. i downloaded this, but, i don't know if i did something wrong or not... the textures well, they don't look the same as the screenshots... they are well, textureless... at least in CAS. will it change in game or did i miss something?

  16. how do you download this

  17. and today the day, 4shared requires registration too...

  18. Can you make one like this for sleepwear, or swimming? (Or both??)

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  20. unfortunately this doesn't seem to work, as my mods that add genitals and nipples to the body don't seem to be compatible with this, as I just wind up with a genital-less freak

  21. The link appears to be broken. It says "The file link that you requested is not valid."


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