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 I always have trouble whenever I have to reinstall my packs to remember which pack corresponds to the one I am looking for, as the names differ. While looking on internet I found that someone had started a list, so I am slowly bringing it up to date, but it might take a while.
To find the item you are looking for, I suggest using the CTRL + F feature and type the name.
You can see pictures at the Simalogue if you know the name of the item you want.


- Barnacle Bay [Barnacle Bay.Sims3Pack]
- Hidden Springs [Hidden Springs.Sims3Pack]
- Lucky Palms [LuckyPalms.Sims3Pack]
- Lunar Lakes [Lunar Lakes.Sims3Pack]
- Monte Vista [Monte Vista.Sims3Pack]
- Riverview [Riverview.Sims3Pack]
- Sunlit Tides [SunlitTides.Sims3Pack]

1st update - June 2009

Sets: Tiki, Storybook, Hewnsman, Bayside
- Full Bayside Set [Baysidefullset.Sims3Pack]
          Bayside + Kitchen + Bathroom
- Full Hewnsman Set [Hewnsman_Fullset.Sims3Pack]
          Hewnsman + Bedroom + Living Room + Dining Room + Outdoors
- Full Storybook Set [Storybook_Fullset.Sims3Pack]
          Storybook + Bedroom + Living Room + Dining Room + Bathroom
- Full Tiki Set [Tiki_Fullset.Sims3Pack]
          Tiki + Living Room + Dining Room
Clothing – 71
- Afternoon Jacket [aftopjacketafternoon.Sims3Pack]
- Babydoll [afbodydressfrontbow.Sims3Pack]
- Banded Collar Jacket [aftopjacket34sleevebandcollar.Sims3Pack]
- Baseball Jacket [amtopjacketbaseball.Sims3Pack]
- Blazer and Rugby Shirt [amtopjacketshirtupcollar_preppy.Sims3Pack]
- Blazer and Turtleneck Combo [amTopBlazerTNeck.Sims3Pack]
- Blazer Jacket with Hoodie [amtopblazerhoodie.Sims3Pack]
- Blouse and Long Sweater [aftopshirtshortsleevesweater.Sims3Pack]
- Blouse with Round Collar [aftopblousecollarround.Sims3Pack]
- Bohemian Blouse with B*** [aftopblousebohemianbow.Sims3Pack]
- Bohemian Dress [afBodyDressBohemian.Sims3Pack]
- Bohemian Sweater over Long Blouse [aftopsweaterbohemian_necklace.Sims3Pack]
- Corset and Blouse [aftopblousecorset.Sims3Pack]
- Corset Dress [afbodydressbacktie.Sims3Pack]
- Dress with Gloves [afbodydressfluffygloves.Sims3Pack]
- Dress with Open Back [afbodydressopenback.Sims3Pack]
- Elder’s Blazer and Turtleneck Combo [emtopblazertneck.Sims3Pack]
- Evening Gown with Bow [afbodygownevening.Sims3Pack]
- Fanta(R) T-Shirt [afTopShirtTee_crew1.Sims3Pack]
- Fleece Shirt with Zipper [amtopfleezezip.Sims3Pack]
- Frilly Blouse [aftopblousefrilly_necklace.Sims3Pack]
- Futuristic Dress [afbodydressmodernlayers.Sims3Pack]
- Halter Dress [afbodydresshalter.Sims3Pack]
- Halter with Beads [aftophalterbeads.Sims3Pack]
- Hem Pants with Zippers [afbottompantshemzip.Sims3Pack
- Henley Shirt with a Johnny Collar [amtophenleyjohnnycollar.Sims3Pack]
- Henley Shirt with Laced Collar [amtophenleylacedcollar.Sims3Pack]
- Jacket and Pencil Skirt [afbodyjacketpencilskirt.Sims3Pack]
- Jacket and Pencil Skirt for Elders [efbodyjacketpencilskirt.Sims3Pack]
- Jacket/Vest/Shirt Combo [amtopjacketshirtuntucked_vest.Sims3Pack]
- Kung Fu Pants [ambottompantskungfu.Sims3Pack]
- Large Belted Kilt [ambottomkiltbelts.Sims3Pack]
- Long Dress with Slit [afbodydresslongsideslit.Sims3Pack]
- Long Halter Dress [afbodydresshalterlong.Sims3Pack]
- Long Mandarin Coat [ambodycoatlongmandarincollar.Sims3Pack]
- Long Sleeve Shirt and Scarf [amtopteelongsleevescarf.Sims3Pack]
- Lord Sponge Graphic Tee [aftopshirttee_crewstore.Sims3Pack]
- Lord Sponge Graphic Tee [amtopshirttee_crewstore.Sims3Pack]
- Low Back Sweater [aftopsweaterplungeback.Sims3Pack]
- Low Cut Halter Dress [afbodydressstrappy.Sims3Pack]
- Mandarin Jacket [amtopjacketmandarincollar.Sims3Pack]
- Maxi Dress [afbodydressmaxi.Sims3Pack]
- Men’s Cargo Pants [ambottompantsbaggycargo_sporty.Sims3Pack]
- Men’s Genie Pants [ambottompantsgenie.Sims3Pack]
- Men’s Henley Shirt [amtopshirthenley.Sims3Pack]
- Modern Skirt with Swirls [afbottomskirtmodernswirls.Sims3Pack]
- Orange(TM) Tanks [aftopshirtfitted_tank1.Sims3Pack]
- Orange(TM) Tanks [amtopshirtfitted_tank1.Sims3Pack]
- Pencil Skirt [afbottomskirtpencil_lacedup.Sims3Pack]
- Quilted Leather Jacket [afTopJacketClosed_quiltedLeather.Sims3Pack]
- Resort Pants [ambottompantsresort.Sims3Pack]
- Rocker Outfit [afbodyoutfitrocker.Sims3Pack]
- Rounded-Collar Sweater over Blouse [aftopshirtcollarsweaterround.Sims3Pack]
- Short Sleeves and Tie [amtopshirtshortsleevetie.Sims3Pack]
- Sporty Tank Top [aftoptanksport.Sims3Pack]
- Sun Dress with Necklace [afbodydresssuntiesbeads.Sims3Pack]
- Sud Dress with Necklace for Teens. [tfbodydresssuntiesbeads.Sims3Pack]
- Tank Dress [afbodydresssimpleflair.Sims3Pack]
- Tennis Dress [afbodydresstennis.Sims3Pack]
- Tiered Skirt [afbottomskirttiersdiag.Sims3Pack]
- Topcoat and Sweater [amtopjacketcoatopen.Sims3Pack]
- T-Shirt over Tank [tftopshirtteetank.Sims3Pack]
- Urban Halter [aftophalterurban.Sims3Pack]
- Vamp Neckline Blouse [aftopshirtvamp_necklace.Sims3Pack]
- Vamp Skirt [afbottomskirtvamp.Sims3Pack]
- Vest Jacket with T-Shirt [amtopvestteerolledsleeve.Sims3Pack]
- Vest, Shirt and Tie [amtopvestshirttie.Sims3Pack]
- Women’s Dress Pants [afbottompantsdresscuffed.Sims3Pack]
- Women’s Leather Pants [afbottompantsbootcut_leather.Sims3Pack]
- Women’s Military-Style Jacket [aftopjacketmilitary.Sims3Pack]
- Yoga Pants [afbottompantsyoga.Sims3Pack]
Hair – 29
- Baker Boy [cmhairnewsboycapcleancut.Sims3Pack]
- Baker Man [amhairnewsboycapnerd.Sims3Pack]
- Bucket Hat for Boys [cmhairbuckethatcleancut.Sims3Pack]
- Bucket Hat with Long Hair [afhairbuckethatlong.Sims3Pack]
- Bucket Hat with Medium Length Hair [afhairbuckethatmed.Sims3Pack]
- Bucket Hat with Tucked in Hair [afhairbuckethatupdo.Sims3Pack]
- Choppy Haircut for Boys [cmhairemoboy.Sims3Pack]
- Choppy Haircut for Men [amhairemoboy.Sims3Pack]
- Flat Cap with Long Hair [afhairflatcaplong.Sims3Pack]
- Flat Cap with Medium Length Hair [afhairflatcapmed.Sims3Pack]
- Flat Cap with Tucked in Hair. [afhairflatcapupdo.Sims3Pack]
- High Ponytail [afhairhighponytail.Sims3Pack]
- Long Wavy Hair [afhairlongwave.Sims3Pack]
- Ponytail and Ribbon [afhairponytailhigh.Sims3Pack]
- Short and Choppy [afhairmaggi.Sims3Pack]
- Short and Choppy for girls [cfhairmaggi.Sims3Pack]
- Spikey and Suave for boys. [cmhairspikeysuav.Sims3Pack]
- Spiky and Suave [amhairspikeysuav.Sims3Pack]
- The Beautiful Split [afhairkhalil.Sims3Pack]
- The Cleaner [amhaircleancut.Sims3Pack]
- The Shaggy Look [amhairshaggy.Sims3Pack]
- The Shaggy Look for Boys [cmhairshaggy.Sims3Pack]
- The Shaggy Look for Toddlers [pmhairshaggy.Sims3Pack]
- The Shuffle [afhairshortmatin.Sims3Pack]
- The Straw Boater Hat with a Choppy Hairstyle [amhairboaterhatemoboy.Sims3Pack]
- The Straw Boater Hat with a Choppy Hairstyle for Boys [cmhairboaterhatemoboy.Sims3Pack]
- The Straw Boater Hat with a Shaggy Hairstyle [amhairboaterhatshaggy.Sims3Pack]
- The Straw Boater Hat with a Shaggy Hairstyle for Boys [cmhairboaterhatshaggy.Sims3Pack]
- The Tiny Spike [cmhairsmallspike.Sims3Pack]
Bonus & Free Stuff –  12
- Abstract Circles [Abstract Circles.Sims3Pack]
- Desktop Lord Sponge [sculptureTableNaszaKlasa.Sims3Pack]
- Fanta(R) Fridge [RefrigeratorFanta.Sims3Pack]
- Floral Hawaiian [Floral Hawaiian.Sims3Pack]
- Fluid Vines [Fluid Vines.Sims3Pack]
- Lord Sponge’s Computer [computerNaszaKlasa.Sims3Pack]
- Mega Lord Sponge [sculptureFloorNaszaKlasa.Sims3Pack]
- Mod Squares [Mod Squares.Sims3Pack]
- Montalcino Fandango SE [CarExoticSuperCE.Sims3Pack]
- Retro Geometric [Retro Geometric.Sims3Pack]
- Toyota Prius [CarPriusV.Sims3Pack]
- Vorn Stallion [CarMuscle.Sims3Pack]

2d update - July 2009

Sets: Ultra Lounge
- Full Ultra Lounge Set [UltraLounge_Full.Sims3Pack]
          Ultra Lounge + Bedroom + Living Room + Dining Room + Study + Outdoors
Clothing – 16
- 5th Avenue [afbodyclasssuitskirt.Sims3Pack]
- Ala Mod [afbodyclassdressmod.Sims3Pack]
- Belle [afbodyclassdressballet.Sims3Pack]
- Danger Darling [afbodyclassmenswear.Sims3Pack]
- Dimensional Dress [afbodyclassdressedgy.Sims3Pack]
- Goddess Tank [aftopclasstankcowl.Sims3Pack]
- International Intrigue Raincoat [afbodyclasscoatrain.Sims3Pack]
- Jackie Oh My Suit [afbodyclassjacket34sleeve.Sims3Pack]
- Relaxed Sweater [amtopclasssweatervneck.Sims3Pack]
- Riot Grrrl [aftopclassvestrock.Sims3Pack]
- Siren [afbodyclassdressbackless.Sims3Pack]
- Summer Shell [aftopclassshirtshouldertie.Sims3Pack]
- Summer Ties [afbodyclassdresssummerties.Sims3Pack]
- Take a Bow [afbodyclassdressbow.Sims3Pack]
- The Betty Blouse [aftopclasscollarsidetie.Sims3Pack]
- The Octane Suit [afbodyclasscoatpantsshirt.Sims3Pack]
Hair – 4
- Barrette and No Bangs [afhairtopclasp.Sims3Pack]
- Dramatic Ponytail [afhairponytailbig.Sims3Pack]
- Long Feathered [afhaircandylong.Sims3Pack]
- Mock Hawk [amhairfauxhawk.Sims3Pack]
Bonus & Free Stuff –  1
- JC Penney [JCP_Bundle.Sims3Pack]

3rd update - August 2009

 Sets: Ultra Lounge Youth, Castle, JetSet Adult & Teens
- Full Interior Castle Set [CastleInterior.Sims3Pack]
- Full Ultra Lounge Youth [UltraLoungeYouth_Fullset.Sims3Pack]
           Ultra Lounge Youth + Girls Bedroom + Boys Bedroom + Teen Bedroom
- Jet Set [JetSetAdult Set.Sims3Pack]
- Jet Set Teens [JetSetTeen_Bundle.Sims3Pack]
Clothing – 5
- Dimensional Dress Teen [tfBodyClassDressEdgy.Sims3Pack]
- Riot Grrrl Teen [tfTopClassVestRock.Sims3Pack
- Rock n Roll [amTopClassVestTee.Sims3Pack]
- Summer Shell Vintage [efTopClassShirtShoulderTie.Sims3Pack]
- The Octane Suit Teen [tfBodyClassCoatPantsShirt.Sims3Pack]

4th update - September 2009

Sets: Regal Living, Steampunk, Victorian Fashions, Halloween Treats, Jet Set Elders
- Full Regal Living Set [Victorian_Fullset.Sims3Pack]
           Regal Living + Bedroom + Living Room + Dining Room + Kitchen + Bathroom
- Steampunk Set [Steampunk_Fullset.Sims3Pack]
- Halloween Treats [Halloween_Fullset.Sims3Pack]
- Jet Set Elders [JetSetElder_Bundle.Sims3Pack]
- Victorian Fashions [VictorianFashions.Sims3Pack]
Bonus & Free Stuff – 4
- Byron Desk [deskVictorian.Sims3Pack]
- Deco Tank [afTopClassTankStraps.Sims3Pack]
- Generation Clock [clockMantleVictorian.Sims3Pack]
- Not-A-Street Floor Lamp [lightingFloorVictorian.Sims3Pack]

5th update - October 2009

Sets: Worldly Goodies, Harvest Bounty, Steampunk: The Return, Steampunk Savvy,
Animals Abound, Panda and Friends, Wilderness Dreaming
- Harvest Bounty [Thanksgiving_Fullset.Sims3Pack]
- Steampunk Savvy [Steampunk_Savvy.Sims3Pack]
- Steampunk: The Return [Steampunk_Return.Sims3Pack]
- Worldly Goodies [Worldgoodies_Fullset.Sims3Pack]
- Animals Abound [Animals_Fullset.Sims3Pack]
          Panda And Friends + Wilderness Dreaming
Clothing – 10
- Ballyhoo! Teens [tfBottomVicPantsRiding.Sims3Pack]
- Booty Heel [afShoesVicBootsAnkle.Sims3Pack]
- Booty Heel Teen [tfShoesVicBootsAnkle.Sims3Pack]
- Bow Dress [cfBodyVicDressBow.Sims3Pack]
- Fluffy Dress [cfBodyVicDressFluffy.Sims3Pack]
- Kevin’s Undergarments [amBodyVicUndergarment.Sims3Pack]
- The Ambassdor’s Assistant [cmBodyVicPeacoat.Sims3Pack]
- The Lucky Charm [pfBodyVicDressJacketBow.Sims3Pack]
- The Polite Boy [cmBodyVicFauntleroy.Sims3Pack]
- Tot’s Apron [pfBodyVicDressApron.Sims3Pack]
Bonus & Free Stuff – 3
- Little Sailor [cmBodyVicSailor.Sims3Pack]
- Paris Wall Clock [clockWallParis.Sims3Pack]
- Tulip Jacket [afTopClassJacketModern.Sims3Pack]
Fix: Carol’s Adult Tanktop for YA

6th update - November 2009

Sets –  Mischief Makers’ Bedrooms, Wild Wear, Asian Fusion, Explorer's Loot
- Mischief Makers’ Bedrooms [Animals_Fullset2.Sims3Pack]
          Forest Bedroom + Critter Comforts
- Wild Wears [Wild_Wears.Sims3Pack]
- Asian Fusion [Asian_Fusion.Sims3Pack]
- Explorer's Loot [Explorers_Loot.Sims3Pack]
Clothing – 12
- Bloomer Blouse [cfTopKids1SmallRuffles.Sims3Pack]
- Bridgette Skirt [cfBottomKids1SkirtBow.Sims3Pack]
- Caroller Sweater and Skirt [afBodyHolidaySkirtSweater.Sims3Pack]
- Caroller Sweater and Skirt Teen [tfBodyHolidaySkirtSweater.Sims3Pack] ***
- Flower Girl [cfBodyKids1DressFlowers.Sims3Pack]
- Holiday Heart Apron [afBodyHolidayApron.Sims3Pack]
- Knitter Nights [amTopHoildaySweater.Sims3Pack]
- Little Bows [cfBodyKids1DressFormal.Sims3Pack]
- Rainbow Sherbet [cfTopKids1TankLayered.Sims3Pack]
- Sawyer Shorts [cfBottomKids1ShortsPockets.Sims3Pack]
- Seychelles Tank [cfTopKids1TankFlowie.Sims3Pack]
- Sunshine Dress [cfBodyKids1DressRuffles.Sims3Pack]
Hair – 2
- Bandana [afHairBandana.Sims3Pack]
- Bandana [amHairBandana.Sims3Pack]
Bonus & Free Stuff – 11
- An Adventurer’s Tools [sculptureAdventure.Sims3Pack]
- Ancient Lucre [sculptureChestTreasure.Sims3Pack]
- Ancient Stone Mural [sculptureWallEgyptStone2x1.Sims3Pack]
- Bronze Spyglass of Yore [sculptureSpyGlass.Sims3Pack]
- Cellar Arch [doordoublefrancecellararch2x1.Sims3Pack]
- Globe of Antiquity [sculptureFloorGlobeFancy.Sims3Pack]
- Modern HDTV by Webbsta Industries [tvModMin.Sims3Pack]
- Pile of Papyrus [sculptureClutterEgyptScrollsPS.Sims3Pack]
- The Desert’s End [TableEndEgypt.Sims3Pack]
- The Sleeker-Sleeper [BedSingleAsian.Sims3Pack]
- Tomb Sled Sleeper [bedSingleEgypt.Sims3Pack]

7th update - December 2009

Sets: The Collection Stäncké, Castle Exterior set, Happy Holidays Presents
- The collection Stänké [ModernMinimalistset.Sims3Pack]
- The Complete Castle by Castle Kits, Inc. [CastleExterior.Sims3Pack]
Clothing: 23
- Caroller Sweater and Skirt Teen [tfBodyHolidaySkirtSweater.Sims3Pack] ***
- Colonial Fashion Dress [afBodyVicDressFlows.Sims3Pack]
- Comfortable and Comfort Skirt [cfBottomKids1SkirtPockets.Sims3Pack]
- Cool and Hip [cfTopKids1Hippie.Sims3Pack]
- Dauntless Lady [cfTopKids1JacketMod.Sims3Pack]
- Flute Forward [afBodyClassDressCocktail.Sims3Pack]
- Formidable Suit [cmBodyKids1SuitTie.Sims3Pack]
- Hippin’ Outfit [cmBodyKids1ShirtChain.Sims3Pack]
- Hooded Vest [cmTopKids1VestHoodie.Sims3Pack]
- Little Sundress [cfBodyKids1DressBeachie.Sims3Pack]
- Much into Style [cfBottomKids1Hip.Sims3Pack]
- On Shoulder Dress [afBodyVicDressFlowingBack.Sims3Pack]
- Over-sized Shirt [cmTopKids1BaggyShirt.Sims3Pack]
- Refining Blouse [afTopVicSPunk.Sims3Pack]
- Sensational Sensations Skirt [cfBottomKids1SkirtMod.Sims3Pack]
- Shirt and Collar [cmTopKids1TeeCollar.Sims3Pack]
- Short Sleeved Hoodie [cfTopKids1HoodieHip.Sims3Pack]
- Snap and Sprint Shoes [cfShoesKids1SnapBuckle.Sims3Pack]
- Suspending Suspenders [cmBodyKids1SuspenderShirt.Sims3Pack]
- Sunny Sundress [cfBodyKids1DressSunny.Sims3Pack]
- The Accelerator [cuShoesKids1Sneakers.Sims3Pack]
- The Everyday [cmTopKids1ShirtSleeveShort.Sims3Pack]
- The Prestige [afTopTankOpenLaceNecklace.Sims3Pack]
Hair: 2
- All Banged Up [amHairSTORE02ShortBangs.Sims3Pack]
- Princess Tiara [afHairSTORE02BunTiara.Sims3Pack]
Bonus & Free Stuff: 12
- Braids and Pigtails [afhairhighbraidpigtails.Sims3Pack]
- Perfecto Presto! [HotBeverageMachineModern.Sims3Pack]
- Study in Fractures [SculptureWallModMin.Sims3Pack]
- New Years Hat for Her [afHairHatSTORE02NY.Sims3Pack]
- New Years Hat for Him [amHairHatSTORE02NY.Sims3Pack]
- Sims Santas [SantaHat_Fullset.Sims3Pack]
- Christmas Wall Stockings [sculptureWallStockings.Sims3Pack]
- Kinnara Candle Holder [lightingTableKinnara.Sims3Pack]
- Menorah Candle Holder [lightingTableMennorah.Sims3Pack]
- Mochi’s Doggie Present [sculptureFloorPresentDoggie.Sims3Pack]
- Winter Wall Garland [sculptureWallGarlandWinter2x1.Sims3Pack]
- Winter Wall Wreath [sculptureWallWreathWinter.Sims3Pack]
Fix: All Banged Up for all categories

8th update - January 2010

Sets: Gothique, Old Town, Fanciful Fashions, Lunar New Year, Happy Valentines,
Fanciful Fashion & Hairstyles
- Eye of the Bolder ’10 [HappyValentineSet.Sims3Pack]
- Fanciful Fashion & Hairstyles [FancyFashionSet.Sims3Pack]
- Gothique Set [GothiqueFullSet.Sims3Pack]
          Gothique + Living Room + Sleeping Room
- Old Town: Starter Kit [NewOrleansSet.Sims3Pack]
- Year of the Tiger [LunarNewYearSet.Sims3Pack]
Clothing: 1
- Bow Toe [afShoesClassPumpBow.Sims3Pack]
Bonus & Free Stuff: 14
- Banquett Fan [lightingCeilingNewOrleansFan.Sims3Pack]
- Burning Time Clock [clockWallVegasRetro.Sims3Pack]
- Chic Cowgirl [afHairSTOREHatCowboyBobTight.Sims3Pack]
- Classy Cowboy [amHairSTOREHatCowboyBold.Sims3Pack]
- Commanding Shoji Screen [SculpturePartitionShojiScreenModernAsian2x1.Sims3Pack]
- Deejay's Delight [amTopJacketDJUpcollar.Sims3Pack]
- Female Party Top [afTopShirtHalterRuched.Sims3Pack]
- Giant Bonsai Tree [SculptureFloorPlantPottedDragon2x1.Sims3Pack]
- Lagomorph in Neon [sculptureWallVegasNeonSign.Sims3Pack]
- Lips of Loveseat [loveseatVegasLips.Sims3Pack]
- Pepper's Party Boots [afShoesAnkleAHiHeelPointy_DRpepper.Sims3Pack]
- Retro Ride [CarVegasRestro.Sims3Pack]
- Sassy Fusion Table Lamp [LightingTableNoveauModernAsian.Sims3Pack]
- The Time Passé Lounge [loveseatVegasRetro.Sims3Pack]

9th update - February 2010

Sets: BahHaus, I Heart The 50′s, The Sims Strike Back, In the Dawn of Sims, Let there be Sims!
- BahHaus [StructuralSet.Sims3Pack]
- I Heart The 50′s [50sFullSet.Sims3Pack]
- In the Dawn of Sims [SimsCelebrationsFeb1Set.Sims3Pack]
- Let there be Sims! [SimsCelebrationsFeb3Set.Sims3Pack]
- The Sims Strike Back [SimsCelebrationsFeb2Set.Sims3Pack]
Bonus & Free Stuff: 9
- Book Cliff by Libronica [bookshelfHETech2x1.Sims3Pack]
- esCargo ‘Outside’ Processor [computerHETech2.Sims3Pack]
- Fiona [afBodyVicDressBubble.Sims3Pack]
- Flame Tamer Fire Pit [firepitHETech.Sims3Pack]
- Just in Jest Hat [afHairHatSTORE02Jester.Sims3Pack]
- Just in Jest Hat [amHairHatSTORE02Jester.Sims3Pack]
- Origami PlanterShape [sculptureHETechPlantsOrigami2x1.Sims3Pack]
- Peroxide Commemorative Guitar [sculptureWallHETechDisplayGuitar.Sims3Pack]
- Peroxide Platinum Record “The Mane Event” [sculptureWallHETechRecordDisplay.Sims3Pack]

10th update - March 2010

Sets: Earth Day, Faire Folk Furnishings + Attire, Club Vaindenburger Relaxation
- Club Vaindenburger Relaxation [ClubCasualFullSet.Sims3Pack]
          Club Vaindenburger Relaxation + Den + Study
- Earth Day [EarthDaySet.Sims3Pack]
- Faire Folk Life [FairyBedLivingCASSet.Sims3Pack]
          Faire Folk Slumber + Den + Attire 

11th update - April 2010

Sets: Ultra Lounge Kitchen + Bath, Hacienda Luxury, Runway Riot
- Hacienda Luxury [HaciendaFullSet.Sims3Pack]
- Runway Riot [RunwayRiot_Set.Sims3Pack]
- Ultra Lounge Kitchen + Bath [UltraLoungeFullSet.Sims3Pack]
Bonus & Free Stuff: 4
- Classic Banker’s Lamp [lightingTableClubC.Sims3Pack]
- Diva [afBodyGownOscr.Sims3Pack]
- EV Pack [RenaultSet.Sims3Pack]
- Faire Statue [sculptureFloorFairyStatue.Sims3Pack]
- Gift Set [4000SPB4.1Set.Sims3Pack]

 12th update - May 2010

Sets: Life’s a Beach, Sun, Surf and Sand, Championship Dreams, Faire Folk Outdoors
- Championship Dreams [SportsLifeTeen_Set.Sims3Pack]
- Faire Folk Outdoors [FairyOutdoorSet.Sims3Pack]
- Life’s a Beach (Swim) [BeachCAS_Set.Sims3Pack]
- Sun, Surf & Sand (Sleep) [BeachLivingSleepSet.Sims3Pack]
Bonus & Free Stuff: 7
- Handle on Luck [sculptureFloorFairyBasket.Sims3Pack]
- Lucky Duckie [amTopBeachLifePreserver.Sims3Pack]
- Lucky Duckie Jr. [cmTopBeachLifePreserver.Sims3Pack]
- Luckie Ducky Jnr for Girls [
- Reflection [mirrorWallSpanish2x1.Sims3Pack]
- Spring of Youth [fountainSpanish2x1.Sims3Pack]
- Tip Tock [clockWallUltraLounge.Sims3Pack]

13th update - June 2010 

Sets: The Ultimate Career Bundle, It's Game Time, Island Villa, Beach Bummin', Goal!
- The Ultimate Career Bundle [EP2RegIncentive.Sims3Pack]
- It's Game Time [SportsLivingSet.Sims3Pack]
- Island Villa [BeachBedroomSet.Sims3Pack]
- Beach Bummin' [BeachCAS2Set.Sims3Pack]
- Goal! [SoccerJerseySet.Sims3Pack]
Bonus & Free Stuff:11
- Beach Bum's Barbeque [BarbequeBeach.Sims3Pack]
- Castaway Captain's Chair [chairDiningBeachFolding.Sims3Pack]
- Honey Bookshelf [bookshelfFunky2x1.Sims3Pack]
- Pepper's Ponytail [afHairHatSTOREPonytailLong.Sims3Pack]
- Seaside Fire Pit [firePitBeach.Sims3Pack]
- Seaside Ride [carClassicBeach.Sims3Pack]
- Souvenir Surfboard [sculptureWallBeachSurfboard.Sims3Pack]
- Surf and Sun Swim Top [afDrPepperTopBikiniHalterSurf.Sims3Pack]
- Surf and Sun Swim Shorts [afDrPepperBottomShortsSurf.Sims3Pack]
- Tide Traveler's Wetsuit [amBodyWetsuitHalfSurf.Sims3Pack]
- The Suns Shade 3000 [sculptureFloorBeachUmbrellaRound2x2.Sims3Pack]

14th update - July 2010

Sets: Adrenaline Rush, Wedding set, Zen Again, Ford set
- Adrenaline Rush [AdrenalineRushSet.Sims3Pack]
- Wedding set [WeddingFullSet.Sims3Package]
          Romanza Ceremony + Reception + Attire
- Zen Again [ZenAgainSet.Sims3Pack]
- Ford Set [FordSet.Sims3Pack]
Bonus & Free Stuff: 11
- I Heart Music Tee [afTopShirtTeeConcert.Sims3Pack]
- I Heart Music Tee [amTopShirtTeeConcert.Sims3Pack]
- Golden Record
- Larry Award Statue [sculptureAwardStatueDrPepper.Sims3Pack]
- Lovely Evening Gown [afBodyGownEveningTwist.Sims3Pack]
- Movie Lover's Chair [chairDiningTheaterDrPepper.Sims3Pack]
- Not Just a Ponytail[afHairDrPepUpdoSophisticated.Sims3Pack]
- Pop, Candy and Corn [sculptureClutterPopcornDrPepper.Sims3Pack]
- Starlet's Autograph
- The Prized Jersey
- Victory Trophy

15th update - August 2010

Sets: Romanza Ceremony Bridal Party, Weba Yayfoo!, Provence, Haute Hip, Pushin' Pedals, Toyota Prius Celebration Pack, Happy Birthday Bundle
- Romanza Ceremony Bridal Party [RomanzaBridalCASSet.Sims3Pack]
- Weba Yayfoo! [SimlishSet.Sims3Pack]
- Provence [ProvenceSet.Sims3Pack]
- Haute Hip [HauteHipSet.Sims3Pack]
- Pushin' Pedals [PushinPedalSet.Sims3Pack]
- Toyota Prius Celebration Pack
- Birthday Bundle
Bonus & Free Stuff: 10
- Star Gazer
- Everyone's a Critic
- Button-Up Buckaroo [amTopCasualCowboy.Sims3Pack]
- Dock the DJ [stereoDockTMobile.Sims3Pack]
- Retro Record Player [stereoRetroRecordTMobile.Sims3Pack]
- Music Arsenal [sculptureRecordStorageTMobile.Sims3Pack]
- WikiWikiWiki [afTopShirtTeeCatScratch.Sims3Pack]
- Dissolving Denim [afBottomJeansSkinnyAcidWash.Sims3Pack]
- Speaker Head [amTopShirtTeeSpeakerHead.Sims3Pack]
- Kool Kicks [amShoesMidLowFlatRoundRockLogo.Sims3Pack]

16th update - September 2010


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How to install

Most of the time when possible I give you the possibility to install as either Sims3Pack or Package.
Pick up a format you rather use (poses can only be installed as Packages), and install it in your game:

If you use EA Launcher:

Place the .sims3pack file in your folder My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Downloads
Run the Launcher, click the Download panel on the left and select the files you want to install before pressing the Install button.
Note: You do not need to keep the file in this folder, it can be removed safely once installed and the Launcher/game is closed.

Place the .package file in your folder My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages
If you do not have or do not know how to set up the Mods folder, I wrote a tutorial here.
Note: If you have too many files in this folder you should consider merging them or it will make your game load and render slower. Aikea Guinea wrote a tutorial about it, see here.

If you use CC Magic:

This launcher manages both types, so you can place any .sims3pack and .package files you want in
My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Downloads
For those who don't know about it, you can find the installation here and a tutorial there.
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