Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pose Set N°04 - Ice Skating

 And I finally finished my pack! You will need to use either Moon's skates (adults only and with OMSP) or mines (toddlers to adults) to be able to use those poses. You might have seen some of the poses when I posted the ice skate shoes, but I kept working on pretty much all of them, so they are 'slightly' different. I wanted to do more than that so there might be a second pack coming~

Those are the original pictures that inspired the poses (except the one of the toddler waving, I only needed it for the shoes but decided to include it in the pack). I only used them as references so sometimes they are a bit different as poses, mostly facial expressions.

The first pose is a skating figure, I love watching competitions, or at least used to love it as I haven't done it in a long while now :p As you can see with the teenagers on the left, her skates are sinking, probably because of the difference in height. If you want to use it with a teenager, just use an OMSP.

The second pose is probably taken from a competition shot also of two girls winning/saluting.

Pose number three, a mother teaching her toddler to skate, encouraging him/her.

This pose was mostly done to present the toddlers ice skate shoes, but I found him cute~

Originally a normal male skating pose

Poor kid... took me a while to have a decent notion of motion, he looked like he was just awkwardly sitting at first.

I couldn't resist Tom Cruise charms and had to make this pose~

This is probably my favorite in this pack. Another skating figure, for couple this time:

And to finish, I found the picture too cute... The toddler looks a little sad, it was done this way. Those two will snap into place, but you might want to move the toddler around a bit, depending on his hairstyle, so that the child's hand can 'rest' on the toddler's head.

Download either the PBN or list compatible file:

 - Pose By Name-


                                                                   - List Compatible-

I made those poses so that they snap easily together, but if you somehow have problems to place them together, move your characters to the exact same spot (it can look quite funny actually). Select one of the sims (you will see the name when hovering the mouse) to make him/her pose, then the other.

 I still have some pictures I wanted to turn into poses, so I will probably come up with another pack with family and couple pictures sometimes. I hope you will have fun with those poses, let me know if you use them!

Tools used:
Cmomoney's Pose Pack Creator

Hair: EA & Newsea
Clothing: EA Seasons & Kilhian
Lot: Coasterboi's stadium from Los Aniegos, slightly modified by me to look like an ice ring 


  1. You have done it again, these are absolutely amazing!!!! GREAT JOB!!

    1. You are going to make me blush x//x
      Thank you, I really appreciate!


    Just too amazing!!! LET ME LOVE YOU!!!

  3. These poses are so awesome! Thank you!

  4. Very nice :) Very fun. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Family fun indeed! I wanted some toddlers on the ice, EA didn't think about that :p I hope you will have fun yourself with those ^_^

  5. You just had a love fest over at my blog, I thought I would drop in on yours! Love these poses! I especially love the time you spent on the hands. (So many people neglect them.)

    1. Yes I did have fun posting on your poses, and thank you for checking mines! The hands... I personally think that a pose where the hands have not or barely been worked on is not worth downloading, because it looks so bad! You can spot it right away, it's just too visible. So I try my best to make my poses look as natural as possible :)

  6. WCIF the skates? Do they come with it? Or. . ?

    1. The link is actually in the first sentence, but here is where you can get all the skates I did:
      Adult male & female, teen male & female, child and toddler, have fun!


How to install

Most of the time when possible I give you the possibility to install as either Sims3Pack or Package.
Pick up a format you rather use (poses can only be installed as Packages), and install it in your game:

If you use EA Launcher:

Place the .sims3pack file in your folder My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Downloads
Run the Launcher, click the Download panel on the left and select the files you want to install before pressing the Install button.
Note: You do not need to keep the file in this folder, it can be removed safely once installed and the Launcher/game is closed.

Place the .package file in your folder My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages
If you do not have or do not know how to set up the Mods folder, I wrote a tutorial here.
Note: If you have too many files in this folder you should consider merging them or it will make your game load and render slower. Aikea Guinea wrote a tutorial about it, see here.

If you use CC Magic:

This launcher manages both types, so you can place any .sims3pack and .package files you want in
My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Downloads
For those who don't know about it, you can find the installation here and a tutorial there.
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