Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Black Cat - Chapter two

If you haven't read Chapter one you will find it here.

Do you know of this silence, just before the sun rises? When the night is still dark, everything standing still, like if waiting for something to happen. And then just a whisper, someone breathing quietly, the city awakes as the nightly creatures disappear.

Quite often I will wake up with the town, no matter how late I went to bed. Old habit, even though I wouldn't be able to tell you the reason why. Most times I find Litia's cat asleep by my side, keeping me warm. Or maybe it's the other way around? Who knows...

Today should be quite an interesting day, and hopefully everything will go as planned. Of course it's usually when you wish so that problems arise, but I am optimistic. What could happen anyway? As long as we get paid for the job, I will consider it good enough.

It's my turn to prepare breakfast today, so pancakes it is! Cooking is one of my specialties, but it doesn't mean that I do not like simple things. Plus you have never tasted my pancakes, which is a shame, you have no idea what you're missing.

Litia joined me in the kitchen, quietly watching me prepare the eggs for a while.
"I have to go pick up the money at the new coffee place in town, would you like to come with me?"
She applauded, smiling excited "The one that opened in the mall? We haven't been there in a while, I will go with you of course!"

"I need to pick up something at the Celestial first, anything will do."
She grinned, pausing while eating "I heard they had new costumes for Halloween so we could take a look. I don't remember you having a costume for the party tonight and they rent theirs."
I nodded amused "Alright then, I can try some I guess..."

Halloween... I have nothing against it, I guess I just don't like parties too much. I am supposed to stay in the dark, not to get everyone's attention, even if it is wearing a costume. I should probably relax and have fun, at least it's what I will try to do.

The morning went by fast, cleaning keeping us both busy. Mina tried to help in her way, chasing some invisible dust and storming the place before disappearing outside. It was a warm day after all and she was nowhere to be seen when we reached the car. I should get some of her tricks to be invisible...

Humming along with the radio we headed to the mall, we followed the highway to stay out of the busy Downtown area with its tall buildings. I often wonder why they decided to build a town in this desert area, but people are still attracted to it nonetheless and come here, like I did not so long ago.

The mall is situated right next to the cinema, and I have to admit I haven't found the time to go watch a movie yet, but to be fair I had heard of one that I wanted to see. Maybe I would try to go in the next days, I always end up being busy and I do need to relax from time to time. I parked the car and we walked towards the fountain.

"It looks like they didn't just received new Halloween costumes, isn't this the new collection?" This shop was one of our favorite spots to hang out and forget about the stress. Girls got to have fun.
"Oh those boots!" Litia rushed inside, letting me follow her more slowly, I was in no rush.

I found her studying a costume on a mannequin near the entrance. It was a very beautiful dress, even if it wasn't what I would have chosen for myself. "I wonder..."  I could see her eyes glistening as she kept looking at the dress.
"Come on, let's see the rest before you decide what you will wear tonight." Smiling I pulled her away from the door and further inside the shop, I had seen the clerk looking at us and he seemed as amused as I was.

I pushed her towards the shoes section, knowing she wanted to see the boots she spotted earlier through the windows. There wasn't many customers other than us, it was still too early  and most people were either at work or at school, but later in the day the place would be filled with teenagers and young adults.

I gave her time to look at the choice they had, and to my surprise she didn't try any of them. It seemed something was on her mind, and thinking about it she hadn't been too talkative today. Respecting her silence I stayed away, my attention on the other customers, she will talk when she will be ready if she needs to and knows I will listen.

We finally reached the corner with the costumes, by the end of the sale counter.
"Pumpkins... cute" I heard her whisper. "So let's see what would look good on you" she added in a more firm voice.

The changing room was just behind the archway, quiet and comfortable place to wait. Litia sat there, picking up a magazine she wasn't really looking at, her mind on something else. Without questioning her I passed behind the curtains, setting my clothes on the bench to change.

I walked out of the curtains, facing her waiting for her verdict. I liked medieval clothes but I was thinking that maybe, for once, I should wear something more colorful. "What do you think?"

She left the couch to stand next to me and I playfully took a pose, hoping it would be enough to get a smile.
"I am not sure" she finally answered "maybe you should try something else on. Diva..."
I grinned "Fine! But if I try something else, than so do you!"

And it's how, after a while, we ended up both costumed and facing each other.
"I wanted to be a dancer when I was a child... like every girl I suppose." I took the only ballet pose
I knew, looking at her through the corner of my eyes. She still looked preoccupied.
"... I wondered how it felt like to be a doll..."

We stared at each other seriously for a minute before bursting into laughs, pulling faces at the mirror.

In a building downtown, the mood was a lot more serious. The black haired woman was standing next to a board, slowly pacing around the office she was sharing with her partner. "Where are we exactly on the case?"

She finally settled against the wall, observing the male she was waiting patiently. He gathered his thoughts, his mind analizing the data he had compiled all morning. "Ryan and Eliane are still following the spy, they haven't reported yet."

  "The whole thing is rather confusing, it would be easier if we had an idea when they will be making their next move and use the security cards they obtained. All we can do for now is try to be there when they decide it's time." He stayed silent again before getting on his feet, pushing the door leading to the room where their team was working.

There was only one man at the moment, his two colleagues being on the field. Even inside he would always wear his sunglasses, and no one to this day ever dared ask him why. Silently they moved behind him, both studying the informations on his screen.

At the mall we had moved to the new coffee shop, taking a table in the corner to sit with our cups. They had some desserts that had seemed too irresistible to pass, and we sat here talking, comfortably waiting for the contact to come deliver the money.

This place somehow reminded me of France, even though after my last 'vacations' here I am not sure authorities would be too happy seeing me again soon. But I had other projects for now and they could sleep in peace... at least for a while.

"Actually we have a job request for this weekend, I am just not sure wether we should take it or not." I was still not sure if I had been right delivering the last item, I wasn't going to take another shady request, no matter how much they planned on paying us.  

Judging her reaction, it seemed Litia wasn't happy with the situation either.
"We will have to get more informations on our client this time. I really dislike not knowing who we are working for, we are going to get in trouble one day." She stopped as we both recognized the woman who was heading to the table next to ours.

The woman who was looking at the shoes... I had suspected the contact might go there before the meeting as I was asked to bring one of their shopping bags. As if continuing a conversation, Litia changed subject "I don't know how to make this guy understand I am not interested. I am not returning any of his calls, how can I make it any obvious?"

We looked at each other before getting up, it was time to go. I grabbed my bag, casually reaching for the one the woman had left between us. Without a glance for the stranger who made our way out and back to home to get ready for the party.

The sun had set down when we reached the graveyard where the party was supposed to happen. The darkness wasn't so bad, but for some reason there was often fog in this place and people would rarely come here by night. The old caretaker had moved to town and his house was mostly a ruin now, quite fitting the scenery.

Someone actually bought the Mausoleum, restored it and built some kind of bar. People whisper about it, saying only vampires would do something like that, but I have actually never seen any. Bite me, I do like the place!

The room had been decorated for the occasion and hidden fog machines often hid the floor to your eyes. I have to say, this would be a great place to pickpocket if I didn't like to just come have a drink from time to time. Pumpkin lights were the main source of light tonight, along with some fake ghosts.

Behind the archs I could see the main room, more animated and crowded than usual. Most faces were familiar, even if I wouldn't be able to tell you half of their names. A witch was walking around, taking pictures of all the costumes for the contest. I would rather she forgets about me...

On our right there was only one table in the corner, two men keeping company to a skeleton that wasn't here usually. It does fit the place though, maybe they should keep him if it doesn't scare away customers.

Litia nodded to me before heading to an empty table near the buffet. There wasn't much choice and the other table was close to the organ player. I walked up to the usual barmaids, waving hi.

"What can I have tonight?"
The woman facing me winked happily "Today's specials are Black Mood, Deathflower Drops, Deep Despair and my personal favorite: Ectoplasmic Residue!"
I wonder who comes up with this kind of names.
"I will have two of... I don't know, the last one sounds good to me."
The blond woman smiled "Sit down and we will come with the drinks."

I paid and turned away, trying to get used to the loud music coming from the organ. Actually I can't complain, it does keep my mind away from my problems. Tonight is time to party, tomorrow will be time to worry. Maybe.

And even though it was unusual, there was now some people dancing. The photographer was still going around, hopefully she would run out of film soon and I wouldn't have to worry about her.

"They will get us the drinks soon. You should go dance instead of looking at them."
She raised a finger, stopping to talk before she even started "... You're right, I will go."

At the next table, a red headed man recognized one of the woman sitting nearby as being the thief in the case they were working and discretely got his boss attention. "Now what are those two doing here tonight..."

Part of the team that could watch discretly kept their eyes on the women, trying to see if they were going to make contact with the person they had been following. His back to the room, the red haired man couldn't see them as they moved away "Could it be a coincidence? Our contact said the thief wasn't supposed to have any more part in this."

Leaning forward the boss was thinking that maybe they would have to look more closely into the red haired thief and her partner's files, if they could put their hands on them. Because they weren't supposed to be part of the greater picture he only knew of their codename, Black Cat. It's all their contact had been able to tell them.

"Would you grant me this dance?"
The voice, so close behind me, had startled me. I hadn't noticed the male approaching me.

Looking above my shoulder I stared at the man for a second. I felt as if I had seen him before, some other place, but I couldn't remember.
"Are you afraid?" he asked, the tone of his voice definitely amused.
"It is Halloween night," I grinned "but I am ready to take the risk."

Walking closer to the other dancers I glanced at Litia, who seemed to be having some fun and was still dancing. It was good to see her more relaxed and enjoying the party.

I can not remember when is the last time I danced with a man... and it's probably better this way. I closed my eyes, letting him lead my steps. No word was exchanged, there was no need to.

I had lost track of time, dancing with a stranger I had never talked to before. At some point I had to go out, even though the night was getting cold I was needing to take a break away from the music.

Except that I wasn't actually alone.
"Do you have any idea what troubles you got yourself in?" The voice was deep and calm.

Cautiously I walked closer to the man, an innocent smile on my face. "I have no idea what you are talking about mister~"
He stared directly into my eyes. "You shouldn't have taken the job, stealing those cards is going way further than you can see." He shrugged "As long as your involvment doesn't go any further the theft is none of my problem, but you should stay away from them now."

Without admitting my part in any of this I walked away, heading out of the graveyard as a woman I though I had seen before joined him. "I will keep your advice in mind. Good bye mister!"
"Dracklore...?"  I had never heard her voice before, that I was sure of at least. I could feel their eyes on me. I did not feel threatened, but in this instant I hoped we could still stay away from trouble or if it was already too late...

Litia was still dancing, I trusted her to know that she would get out of there if she suspected anything wrong. Tonight wasn't the time to spoil her fun, as long as she was staying safe. In our line of work it's rare that we can find the time to actually let our guard down. And it would probably get even more rare very soon...

I actually realized after I haven't credited for the CAS yet, though I didn't had the place here. You can find the complete list on the credits page, but to name a few it would be Altea127, Ekinege, Peggy, Newsea, Natalis, Elexis, Lemonleaf, ... Thank you!

This picture didn'tmake it to the story, but I did like it so you get it as an extra.
See you soon for chapter three!


  1. Oulala, c'est le genre d'histoires qui me fait me poser un milliard de questions :
    Qui est la cliente ? Que contient la carte ? Quelle est l'organisation qui suit Kilhian ? Sont-ils gentils ou méchants ? Pourquoi Litia est pensive ?
    Ok je sais, je dois être patiente pour connaître la suite, alors j'attendrai... :)

    1. Le client n'est pour le moment pas apparu dans l'histoire, il/elle utilise des personnes pour faire ses démarches (je ne donnerais pas de spoiler sur le sexe :p)
      La carte a été volée dans le premier chapitre, c'est une carte de sécurité qui donne accès à... un building très intéressant mais qui n'a pas encore été dévoilé non plus :3
      Qui est l'organisation en effet... et si tu regardes bien, il n'étaient pas là pour Kilhian, alors qui suivaient ils?
      Que se passe t'il avec Litia?

      Et oui, il faudra attendre le chapitre trois pour avoir certaines réponses xD Je suis vache je sais... mais je suis contente de voir que tu accroches ;)

    2. Je ne sais pas pourquoi j'ai crû lire une cliente.
      Oui l'organisation était là pour la secrétaire et la carte, mais ils se sont aussi intéressés à Kilhian puisqu'ils lui ont donné un avertissement ?
      Bon ben pour Litia faut que j'attende le chapitre 3 ou un autre chapitre ? ;)

    3. En anglais il n'y a pas de genre, ça aide à garder le suspence :p
      Et oui ils ne sont pas sûr de quelle est sa participation à l'affaire. Les choses risquent de se compliquer très vite xD
      Et je vais essayer de travailler sur le chapitre 3 'bientôt' mais ça m'a prit presque 2 semaines pour celui ci alors si je veux faire des poses/objets il me faut alterner un peu. Et la prochaine fois j'aimerais avoir/prendre le temps de faire les poses dont j'ai besoin. Me retrouver avec uniquement des poses de modèles quand je veux juste une pose où mon personnage marche par exemple ce n'est pas génial. Et au bout d'un moment l'option 'chat' les même mimiques reviennent souvent.

      Dans le café quand Kilhian et Litia parlait, j'étais morte de rire car Litia trouvait Kilhian 'boring'... xD

  2. I loved this chapter and I liked how you take the pictures. This is a great story. It is cool how you used all the Halloween costumes. Did you build the mall yourself or did you use someone else's. Great job on the coffee shop. Yes, this is a great story so far. Keep them coming Please.

    1. Thank you! You seem to enjoy the story, I am glad ^_^
      It took me a while to select all the Halloween costumes, I think I spent 2 days just to change everyone in CAS :p For this chapter I built the clothes shop, the office, the coffee shop and the 'mausoleum' basement which isn't even on the same lot as the graveyard.
      I will start working on the next one 'soon', I need to make some poses I will need before and to build another building, this part might take me a while too.

  3. Kilhain had a night to remember. A dancing stranger and then a dark stranger who knows more about her than she him. I hope she is cautious. I wonder if that dark stranger and his little group are investigators and not another gang of some sort. The thieves guild. ^_^

    1. I think she preferred the dance much more than the man who knew too much about her :p And I am not spoiling anything by saying that the one who invited her to dance was actually in chapter one.
      I got you wondering too now... hehehe
      Oh a thieves guild sounds good :3


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