Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pose Set N°03 - Life as a witch

 I guess I felt in the Halloween spirit after I finished my last chapter, and then I realised that we have tons of vampire poses, werewolf poses, fairy poses and other kind of supernatural creatures (most of them done way before Supernatural and even Late Night for vampires were out). But I still had to see one pose for witch.

 So here it is, I made poses for witches!

 I actually had many poses I wanted to do, so I decided to create a family. And in the end, I like them so much I might do a story with those characters (not as complex as The Black Cat though)! Who knows? You will see most of the family members in those previews.
I also made the broom and the wand, you will find the links in the end of this post.

 As you all know, every little one has to be tought the way of the witchcraft, and most of the time they start really young. Or maybe they just like the pictures. The adult can also be posed on her own.

  Here is another pose where the witch talks to her cat while reading.

 Standing with her broom.

 Riding her broom while holding her wand.

 Sweeping... because witches also need to clean, and passed a certain age you should avoid using spells you keep forgetting~

  A romantic ride through the cemetery
If you have troubles placing those, put them on the same tile facing the same direction and you will get them to do the pose.  

 Testing a new potion. I do love this book, but I admit I probably should find a smaller/lighter one for this kind of poses, unless the book is magically lighter than it looks like. Everything is possible in Moonlight Falls!

 And finally the last one for this time! She was supposed to look a bit more surprised, but something went wrong the first time I exported the animation, and I guess I forgot some changes on her face when I reworked it.

Download either the PBN or list compatible file:

 - Pose By Name-


                                                                   - List Compatible-

Tools used:
Cmomoney's Pose Pack Creator

Broom by me, accessory  base game compatible, found here
Wand by me, accessory base game compatible, found here
Book by Kiroro, found at Daisy Sims 3 
Hat by Traelia, available on her blog
Cauldron by EA Store / Sunsetsims


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Lauren!
      I made them for witches, but most of them can be used as normal poses anyway (I love the grandma sweeping haha)

  2. Witch broom no.3 is soooooo cute! I really love the broom lol :D BEWITCHED!

    1. Yes yes, she is so cute! I wanted to have her husband on the picture complaining about the way she was using her broom, but in the end she made it alone... hahaha

  3. This is a fab set and so very well done, thank you. xx

  4. I've a feeling that these won't work without a book and the link to the book no longer exists :/ Its a really neat set though. :)


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