Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Black Cat - Chapter three

If you haven't read Chapter one you will find it here, and the list of all the chapters is here.

Several weeks have passed now, and even though we are in autumn this town seems to have set its own rules against nature. I miss those red shades leaves can take at this season. Maybe next year at that time I will go on vacations, Lucky Palms actually sounds like a nice destination.

As much as I wish I had time to think about it, we have been hired for a job today. Griffin Park Museum might not be the most attractive place in town, but families gather here regularly: it's quiet and they have interesting pieces from China and Egypt.

"So where should we start from?"
The entrance was opening onto three different wings: on the left was the Egyptian room, on the right the Chinese room, and finally in front of us was the entrance to more modern art. Or so they call it. There was also two other doors. What is it with closed doors that make me want to open them?
Litia smiled "Why not see the paintings first?"

Actually I knew exactly what was behind those doors. The first one was my way in the building, and the second was actually the only thing standing between me and the box I was hired to 'retrieve'. To be more exact, the guards would be more of a problem than the door itself, but that was the reason we were here, to observe.

The collection does not change too often, I suppose the City Council does not see Art as its priority. It's a pity, I really like the sculptures from Greece they have, but the paintings... I would bring them some decent canvas from Monnet or Picasso, but that would probably cause them trouble and I am not sure which explanation they would give.

This exhibition room was mostly featuring small artists from town who donated their work to the City, though the director probably would have preferred to receive money. Some of the pieces were... unusual.

We had been here for ten minutes at least, and there was still no sign of any guard patrolling. Of course there might be more protection at night, but it seemed like the lack of budget of this establishment was going to facilitate my task. Most of the guards seemed to have been replaced by cameras, technology is everywhere.

The Chinese room was a lot more interesting for me. The first guard we actually saw didn't seem too happy to be there. Maybe the man feels uncomfortable being around the past. I just love it. I had my eyes on a disk, wondering if I should snatch it during my 'visit'. But the box was my priority, I would have to come back if I wanted to add this item to my private collection.

We moved to the Egyptian wing, where another guard was keeping an eye on the visitors. He seemed to have a hard time keeping the kids out of the restricted zone, taking his attention away. I regret there is no mummy on display, it would have more impact that the sphinx they found in some small temple.

"Litia, can you take care of the cameras?" I asked quietly.
"It won't be a problem, it looks cheap." She didn't seemed to be too bothered about it. It was her job to know after all, and for me to trust her judgment. "I will only have to control what they see but you will need to place a bug on their system for me."

"Oh I see, you give me all the legwork now~"

On the way out I studied more closely the parking in front of the museum. It seemed like the man on the bench had been looking at us when we got out, but he could also have been waiting for someone. I guess I am paranoid sometimes, the job is like that.

No one had followed us on the way back home, and by night time we were set. I had left my bike downtown, far enough from the museum not to be spotted by security, and close to the place where I was supposed to deliver the item.

The museum was protected on the outside by a man standing at the front door, another patrolling in the back, and covered by another one on the roof. I had covered most of the back area as I could, staying in the shadows, and I had detected several sensors.

Security was higher than I expected for the items placed on exhibition. They were waiting for me. On the terrace above me the back door opened, letting the guard out on his patrol. In a second he would be far enough so I could go in myself.

"Litia, I need to know when I can get to the security panel." I whispered quietly. Grabbing onto the wall I was ready to jump onto the balcony as soon as it was safe for me to without showing my face.

"I am still getting into the system, just give me another minute."
I had placed her bug more than ten minutes ago now, she should have been in by now.
"I do not know what is in that box, but someone is trying really hard to keep it secure. I'm in, moving the camera so it won't see you. Go ahead."

"People trying to keep me away from their possessions usually end up without them. Even more when I was paid for it." It didn't come as a surprise that the security panel was actually more advanced than it seemed. "Let show them how we play~"

"Let's see... how about flickering lights in the Egyptian room? I jammed the channel they are transmitting on, so it should keep them busy for a while."

The security off I sneaked through the door, taking cover behind a large display case. The guards were nearby but I could hear them and they seemed agitated.

"Now it's time for you to get them out of your way. Work your magic girl."

Even covering my ears, the explosion came loud. The detonator I had placed under the car outside had maybe a bit too much C4... This should keep their attention away from me for a while.

I watched as the guard cautiously made his way outside. He didn't seem that much in a hurry, maybe he didn't want to know what happened. Not that I could blame him for that, but I wished he would leave the room faster.

"Now it's just the door and me... come on, show me what you're hiding from me~"
It took me less than 15 seconds to pick the lock and push the door.

"You should have to go down the stairs and through a corridor" my partner reminded me. "I shut down all cameras after the explosion and remotely deleted the recordings for the whole day, just as a precaution."

"I found the office, but there isn't any door to a side room... apprarently."

"According to the schematics, the door should be on your left when you stand at the entrance."

I gave the library a closer look, looking at the books all lined up. I heard the click when my fingers found the button. "I got the door... nice trick."

 The mechanism pulled a part of the library to the back then to the side, letting an opening to the next door. There was no dust, it seemed that the passage was used regularly.

"So here is where they are keeping the good stuff. Some of those paintings should be exposed in the exhibition, they would attract more people." I stepped in cautiously, just in case there was some trap.

"Actually I think some of those comes from the black market. There are some rare antiquities here..." The room was filled with expensive paintings and vases, ready to be taken away. I had to resist the urge to take something with me.

"The safe is probably hidden, either behind one of those paintings or inside one of the display cases." If it was one of the paintings then it needed to be large enough to cover the safe, and in some cases removing it could also trigger an alarm.

That last painting was actually not in its place here, and the only reason I could think of was its size.
"I think I found the safe."
Carefully I looked beneath it from the side, removed the triggers and slowly pulled it down to the ground.

"Now I'm glad the client had the code, it would take me some time to open the safe without forcing it." Security made great improvements when it comes to safes, now it's harder than just having a good ear. But you can still make it in the end, no safe can protect you from a motivated thief.

I punched in the code, wondering how the client got his hands on it. I really need to stop accepting shady propositions before they get us into trouble, sadly they are the ones that pay better. Maybe I should try working for an organisation instead, the pay would be constant at least. But I like my freedom, so it's a tough choice.

"It's... a music box? The key is missing."
It was the only item the safe was containing, so I had to assume it was the box I was hired to get.
"I left the bag outside, I have to go back out before security comes looking for me in there."

"Hurry, once they will be done searching outside they will come straight for you." 

"I'm out." I carefully placed the music box in the bag I had left under the bushes.
"I hear sirens, I will move to the delivery point now. Call them to announce me and I will let you know when I am done." I removed the headset, placing it in one of the side pockets.

I made my way down the hill to the park below the museum. The place was more quiet and except the teenager walking her dog it was pretty much desert at this time of night.

It was also the fastest shortcut to go to the meeting point. I had never been to the Bonaventure lounge yet, it was new in town and people kept talking about it. Now was the time to see what it was all about.

The building offered no window to see inside and I couldn't hear any loud music, but the sign above the glass door was telling me I was there. Besides there was clearly people inside, so the place was opened.

Inside the air was hot and humid. Tall trees had been either planted or left in place and apart a platform above us where the VIP section was, there was no other floor so the trees could grow. It was... quite an interesting concept.

Leaving the bar behind me I made my way upstairs, I was supposed to meet my contact in the VIP section to deliver the item. I suppose it's as much a safe place than any other, and the music is mostly covered by the sound of the water. Peaceful place to go for a drink.

The bouncer didn't seem to be too happy seeing my attire, I guess I wasn't dressed good enough for the place. "Someone is waiting for me~" I think if she could, she would have killed me just staring at me.

"Where did you hire Cerberus? I thought she was going to bite my hand away."
There was only one man sitting in the area, and his own outfit wasn't exactly formal enough either. Maybe he also was the reason of the bouncer's ire.

"Here is your box." I pulled the music box out from my bag and held it against me as I was scanning around us. The platform was just above the bar and I was facing an asian fountain. I could get used to the soothing sound of the water from this place. "It's missing its key."

 I placed the box on the wooden end table before sitting on the other couch. The man slowly took a key out from his pocket and placed it in the box. "Open it" he said in a deep voice "It's for you."

 Feeling curious and uncomfortable, I stood up again to rewind and open the box. A small ninja figurine started to turn and dance at the tune of its own music. Next to it was also a phone. So this had all been a test. "Press redial" was the only indication the man gave me before getting up.

As he walked away someone picked up the phone at the other end of the line.
"Red phone... for my red hair?" I swear I could hear him smiling... if such thing was possible.
"Actually yes, my partner thought you would like the color." Another man... a voice that I had heard before, I was sure of it.

At the other side of the town, the man who had warned me on Halloween kept on talking.
"Except a car it seems no one was hurt and I hear you haven't removed anything else. Congratulations, you got the job."

"So this was just a test for you to see if I was good enough to take on a job for you? Who said I would accept it anyway, I was only hired to get a box, I did, my job is done."

"Every action has its consequences, and now is the time for you to deal with yours. The day you stole that security card in the mansion you have been marked. I will call you soon and we will meet again miss Reid."

Stepping outside I realized it started to snow. Flakes slowly falling down to the ground to melt there, their movement as erratic as my thoughts. What did I get us involved in? I wasn't quite sure but I would do what it would take to protect my partner.

The only thing I knew was that winter was coming...

And we will meet again soon!
Thank you for reading, I wish you all Happy Holidays!


  1. The pictures were just fantastic. She is really good at her "job". I am now curious about the guy. Great Chapter. More please as soon as you can.

    Thank you for writing a great story.

    1. Thank you!
      I have to take several versions with more or less light in game, as the screenshots can be so much darker than what we actually see in game, it's hard to take night shots with my character wearing all black. But it's fun!

      For the first time I actually did most of the poses I used, and it feels great! I will try and keep up the rythm with the other chapters so I can try and keep the action going; hopefully the story will stay good.

      And thank you for reading it and letting me know how much you like it, it helps motivating me to go on (did you see yourself in the credits? hehe)

  2. Hello Kilhian,
    J'aime beaucoup cette épisode, tant par la qualité des images comme te l'a fait remarqué Rated PG que par le scénario.
    Là encore, je me pose un milliard de questions sur l'organisation qui lui a fait subir le test.
    Est-ce une organisation gouvernementale genre CIA, Interpol ? Car Kilhian semble avoir les capacités pour faire partie de l'une d'entre elle.
    Kilhian, doit-elle faire confiance au charmant brun et son organisation ? D'ailleurs acceptera t-elle la proposition ?
    Et est-ce que la proposition de collaboration est seulement pour Kilhian où elle concerne aussi Litia ? En effet, je trouverai dommage qu'il ne la prenne pas aussi car elles forment ensemble une bonne équipe.
    Est-ce que je peux te soudoyer pour avoir les réponses ou tu as l'intention de me jeter un regard à la Cerbère...:)? Elle a vraiment pas l'air commode celle là. Je demanderais au Père Noël pour elle, un os à ronger.

    En tout cas, tout cela m'intrigue, puisqu'en volant la carte, elle s'est fait repérée par l'organisation. Et puis qui était le commanditaire ?

    En gros, j'ai hâte de lire la suite...

    1. Hello there Clarisse,
      Merci à toi aussi pour les compliments, ça rend le temps passé sur la qualité... ben je trouve pas en Français, me voilà bien! Makes it worth it xD
      Je vais finir par me sentir coupable de te mettre le cerveau à l'envers avec toutes ces questions... enfin tu peux prendre ta revenche avec ta propre histoire ;)Car il me tarde aussi de la lire, mais je sais que tu as encore besoin de temps pour préparer, so no rush~
      Pour me soudoyer en général les cookies et le chocolat marchent bien, mais sur ce coup là je vais essayer de tenir ma langue :p
      Ca te surprend si je te dis que le cerbère je ne l'ai pas posée? J'ai posé Kilhian, pausé le jeu, puis j'ai vu la tête qu'elle faisait xD Un os à ronger lui fera le plus grand bien!

      On en saura un peu plus sur le commanditaire plus loin dans l'histoire, ça risque de prendre un peu de temps, mais on va y venir. On en saura plus sur l'organisation au prochain épisode normalement. Quand au brun j'ai donné son nom à la fin du chapitre 2, au moment où Kilhian s'éloigne.

      Je vais fixer mon jeu et on verra après, mais oui je vais essayer bientôt :)
      Au fait, t'es tu vu dans les crédits? J'ai utilisé au moins une de tes poses~

  3. Pour commencer "Make it worth it" tu peux le traduire par ça en valait la peine...Tu me fais un remake de Jena-Claude VanDamme ;)
    Te sens pas coupable, j'ai bien l'intention de prendre ma revanche sur mon histoire...
    J'habite en Suisse et le chocolat est très bon tu sais...tu penses que ça peut aider ou alors va vraiment falloir que je patiente...c'est pas mon point fort chez
    Pour le cerbère, ça ne m'étonne pas, ils ont parfois de ces tronches dans les sims.
    Je suis désolée pour les noms, j'ai toujours eu du mal à les retenir. Jsuis allée vérifier il s'appelle Dracklore, faut que je trouve un jeu de mot pour m'en souvenir, mais ça viendra vite car il a l'air mignon de loin...t'as pas un portrait plus rapproché, je connais même pas la couleur de ses yeux...

    C'est en lisant les crédits que j'ai vu que tu as utilisé mes poses. Pour dire vrai, je ne reconnais pas du premier coup d'oeil mes poses, jespère que jsuis pas la seule dans ce cas...

    1. Je ne te raconte pas comment ma famille se moque de moi quand je décroche le téléphone. Je fais la traduction entre eux et mon ami, et des fois je m'emmèle je ne sais plus où je suis: je lui parle en français et à eux en anglais @.@
      Oh oui, j'attend ta revenche avec impatience ♥
      Le chocolat suisse... avec la vache Milka et les marmottes... tu vas me faire baver x.x Plus tu rentres bientôt en France, non? :p
      il va falloir que je vois pourquoi quand je 'créé un emploi' (genre ajouter une caisse registreuse) je vois le sim arriver tout fin, et quand il/elle prend sa place je vois le sim grossir à vu d'oeil... ça fait peur! Alors entre ça et les tronches qu'ils tirent...
      Pas de problème... mais pas touche c'est le perso de mon compagnon xD Il avait un compte facebook mais il a été bloqué trop de fois, maintenant ils ne le laissent plus se conncter. Je te montrerai des photos si tu veux, il y en a où on le voit mieux.

      J'ai utilisé une de tes poses du pack 'Drunk' dans la dernière scène, l'image où l'homme lui dit que la boîte est pour elle et met la clef. Normalement tu l'as créée pour qu'il tienne un verre, mais avec l'orientation ça n'est pas aussi visible, on voit juste qu'il avance sa main vers la boîte à musique.
      Je te rassure, n'importe quelle pose, selon l'orientation et la présentation, peut changer complètement ;)

  4. She is walking into dangerous territory I think. Maybe she is getting mixed up in more than she has anticipated.

    1. Oh she sure didn't meant to get into that much trouble, but it's what makes it more fun for me... I must be a 'tad' sadistic :p


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