Friday, March 15, 2013

A bit of history

 When I joined TSR in 2009, I actually registered under a random name. Back then I really liked the name Killian, which is actually a french male name. Don't ask me why, I modified it a bit and made it mine.

 I left my sims game for a few years, and when I came back I decided to create. I had the choice of keeping my old account or create a new one, but I chose to stick with Kilhian. But it was still just a name, until I read in a decorating tutorial a tip about making a sim with your creator name. You pick up rocks, insects and what not to further personalize houses before sharing them.

 I had made a few houses for the Sims 1 and thought it was some nice thing to do, so Kilhian was born as a sim. She started on her own and without cheat on October 2011 as I was just starting playing the Sims 3. I only had the base game, so she had to do with a small EA starter house in Sunset Valley for a while.

 Back then I took those screenshots for my boyfriend. We are now living together, but I am glad I got all those, they are still very good memories. The quality of screenshots improves along the way :)

 Even though I remade her physically a few times, she has always been a thief! After a while she made some money, bought a bigger house and got dragon tattoos on her stomach and back. I cannot remember why I stopped using them.

 At this point of the story she changed hairstyle for the first time, trying on very short hair. She also met Leighton Sekemoto and I thought for a while that they were going to date.

 Except that I got a surprise when I saw that Lavar Branch, which she didn't get along with at first, randomly called her. She seemed to enjoy the conversation and they talked for a long while.

 They actually ran into each other at the park. I play with my sims on high will, and most time I just help them realize their wishes, which sometimes lead to very funny situations.

I did like Leighton as well, so I didn't want to give up on him. I had a project of adding Litia & Koku to my game, and as a noob I didn't even think of going to edit the town to create them. I went for the hard way...

 At first I thought Sam was his little brother or something along the way. After inviting Leighton to come live with me I realized it was actually his son! There was no mother in his household, only the grandmother (I never found out who she was actually), and I found him so cute I couldn't leave him behind.

 Kilhian became romantically involved with Lavar, and they were so cute I had no regret in her choice.

 She was living with Lavar, Koku (Leighton) and Litia which made her life easier when it came to paying the bills, and harder on me as I had to control them all. But it was fun! Actually, I never changed Litia's haircut since that time.

 The house was getting a bit small for that many people, but it was still manageable.
Kilhian was ranking up as a thief, and I am still proud of her.

Lavar asked Kilhian to marry him, and as I didn't know any better he did so in the bedroom...

 One day I decided to change her haircut once more. And this is how I came to use the current one, without the highlights I now have.

 My growing family also moved into a bigger EA house, kinda across the street. I had a lot of bedrooms and space, although I had a hard time with a single bathroom for 3 stairs. This is when I adopted the NRAAS shooless mod and I have never been without since!

 Koku has been a wonderful father for little Sam

He fell in love with Litia...

... and she couldn't resist Sam's charms either. I always enjoyed watching her take care of him.

 Kilhian and Litia had a few babies of their own, driving me crazy sometimes with taking care of all of their needs, but I never had to complain. They moved into new homes, and along the way into new towns, went into some missions throughout China, France & Egypt, and at times moved to new worlds.

 I deeply love my sims and wish I had more time to play with them freely.

No matter what, enjoy your game!

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