Thursday, March 21, 2013

ATS3 Registers made deco BG compatible

I made this for story writers and people who do not own either World Adventure, Ambition or Supernatural and would like to use decorative cash registers when they build a shop.

 For starters don't get me wrong, when I play my game I do visit the stores and buy stuff, especially when I go on vacations (World Adventure). But when it comes to working on my story and seeing the game change the clerks in my studio like 3 times already, plus the fact that you cannot make them pose, not even with the Pose Player Addon, I say clerk be gone!

 Because it is made for community shops you will find it in the Community Objects, however if you would like to have a 'home sale' then you can use Buzzler's fantastic Build/Buy Restriction Choker mod. It will enable all community items on your lot and all residential items on community lots when you buy/build.

I take no credit at all for the mesh, they were made by the amazing Sandy from ATS3! go visit her page if you haven't done so, she has amazing downloads to customize your world! I 'only' spent time making them base game compatible. They will act as any decorative item in your game.

Out of the four registers I converted, three have three recolorable areas (not the bistro one) and you can customize them.
They are all available as both .sims3pack and .package format, chose the one you want to install (see below post if you do not know how).

Bistro food register from Bistro #2

Food cart register from BIY Food Carts

Grocery food register from Grocery #1

Cash register from Newspaper kioske

Bistro food register
Food cart register
Grocery register
Newspaper kioske

The four registers in one file

If you would like to see more decorative registers I made, check out EA's ones.

Tools used:

First a very HUGE thanks to Sandy for letting me use her registers!!
Poses: EA
Hair: Anubis360, Newsea
Decor: My coffee shop and a random yard sale I set up in my garden
CC in them: Angela, ATS3, EA, Pocci, Severinka, Simcredible, Ung999, WOE
(sorry if I forgot some, let me know and I will add it)
uild-It-Yourself Food Carts


  1. You did an Amazing work my Friend
    I just Couldn't do it
    My Wso was Baaaaad

    I enjoy to see this because i couldn't
    That makes me Laugh

    And I see you did a great job decorating everything, it's something improvised but it's really really cool
    As a backyard sell Oh Oh if you add the objects of the Al Fresco set Would look Cool
    I like that

    You did a wonderful job Kilhian
    You deserve a cookie

    1. Ah yes this picture!
      Did you try fixing it after I told you were to find the textures?

      At least I made you laugh? It wasn't intended, but it's always good xD

      Thank you, and yes actually I didn't think about the Al Fresco market stuff. I was just scrolling through the misc and adding things that were more or less fitting the theme. I was thinking of a cellar at first, but too much work for a temporary set :)

      Thank you very much!
      -eats her cookie-

  2. for posing npcs, did you try using Virtual Artisan's pose player add on? As long as you have a pose player anywhere in your world, it should work. (Even on zombies, just not papparazzi)
    I figured I'd visit you after you came over to my site. Now I'm off to discover more of your goodies!

    1. I can't live without the addon xD
      But sadly NPC sellers seem to have a mind of their own and they won't accept to do anything. I guess it's like papparazzi? I actually never tried with them, but given what they do it would make sense.
      I hope you found some goodies you like ;)


How to install

Most of the time when possible I give you the possibility to install as either Sims3Pack or Package.
Pick up a format you rather use (poses can only be installed as Packages), and install it in your game:

If you use EA Launcher:

Place the .sims3pack file in your folder My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Downloads
Run the Launcher, click the Download panel on the left and select the files you want to install before pressing the Install button.
Note: You do not need to keep the file in this folder, it can be removed safely once installed and the Launcher/game is closed.

Place the .package file in your folder My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages
If you do not have or do not know how to set up the Mods folder, I wrote a tutorial here.
Note: If you have too many files in this folder you should consider merging them or it will make your game load and render slower. Aikea Guinea wrote a tutorial about it, see here.

If you use CC Magic:

This launcher manages both types, so you can place any .sims3pack and .package files you want in
My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Downloads
For those who don't know about it, you can find the installation here and a tutorial there.
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